Off-Road Vehicles to try this Summer

Off-roading is an unbelievably thrilling an exciting experience. Off-Road driving surfaces are the rough terrains which are unpaved and are usually made of rocks, gravel, sand, or any other natural material. If you are planning to do such fun experience this summer, then here is a list of vehicles that you must try.

Quad Bikes or All-terrain Vehicle (ATV)

Red Colour quad bike climbing on ramp

For all the lovers of outdoor sports, quad bike or ATV is the perfect vehicle to hop on and experience the thrilling adventure of rough terrains. A quad bike, as the name indicates (quad for four) is a 4 wheeler off-road vehicle, specifically designed to be operated by a single person with no passenger,This vehicle suits perfectly well to the beginners, as due to its stable wheel balancing and convenient ride, its use is incredibly simple yet adventurous for the new bike enthusiasts. On the other hand, dirt bikes need a high level of proficiency, and expertise to balance them on the road.

There is not only one or two, rather different types of quad bikes are available in the market now. Thus making it extremely fun and easy for you to choose your preferred one, according to your desired, shape and sizes. Plus, depending upon the purpose of use, and level of your expertise, you can invest in any particular model of quad bike. Different models are available in different categories, which are differentiated by certain features, and thus price range changes as well. Here are some of the most fun and exceptionally efficient types of quad bikes to use this summer.

  • Youth Quad Bikes
  • Sports Quad Bike
  • Two-Up Quad Bike
  • Sport-Utility Quad Bike

Dirt Bikes/ Off-road Motorcycles

Man riding dirt bike dirt road

When it comes to off-roading motorbikes, there is a clear winner – the 125cc dirt bike. A dirt bike is a powerful version of motorcycle that is specifically built for off-road racing. A dirt bike is amazingly fast and lightweight. The best type of dirt bike can run in any road conditions with full strength, steady speed, and powerful grip. It’s extremely safe, seems spacious to ride and is particularly famous among people living in the city.

Numerous variations of dirt bike are available in the market, where each category is differentiated by the function and size of the bike, but that particularly depends upon the rider’s experience, expertise, and the terrain it is being ridden on. Here are some dirt bike types varied on the basis of off-road sport.

  • Motocross
  • Enduro
  • Trail Bike
  • Rally Rail

Each type of dirt bike has particular specifications and is specific for particular offroading experience. Such as motocross is the best dirt bike that is lightweight, fast, strong and allows the rider to jump easily at very high speed. Overall, all the dirt bikes can endure rough to smooth, rocky to muddy terrains, and bumpy roads with ease. A dirt bike is capable of giving impeccable performances off-road and let the rider have best off-roading experience. And if you are a motorbike enthusiast, then riding on a dirt bike this summer is surely a must.

Dune Buggies

dube buggy next to sea shore

A dune buggy is a classy off-road motor vehicle that is built to be driven on sands. Dune buggies are purely designed for recreational purposes, so-called recreational vehicles or RV. With the wide tires and large wheels, this vehicle is best to have a fun competitive driving experience on sand dunes and desert. A dune buggy isn’t new; it’s been there since 1950’s concerning racing in the dunes. And in late 60’s, Bruce Meyers made first ever dune buggy, made of fibreglass. Then and there it gained popularity especially in the coastal areas of the United States and Mexico.

The dune buggies have been diversified with the passage of time, but at first, these vehicles were specific for dunes and sands only. Apparently, the dune buggy looks different from other motor vehicles. With minimum automotive components and presence of particular chassis in the body frame, this vehicle is driven as an all-terrain vehicle. With minor variations, you can use it for fun tripping on not only on sands but beaches and also on snow-filled terrains.
To be driven on waters, a similar kind of variation of a dune buggy was made, called as swamp buggy or beach buggy. There, on beaches, it’s not only used for recreational purposes, but it also allows the passengers to explore beautiful areas of waters that are otherwise impossible to reach.

Off-roading on sand dunes is a mind-wobbling experience, that is full of excitement, thrill, and rush. So, pack your bags, and try dune buggying in these vacations.

Rock Crawlers

Taking off-roading to whole new level, the rock crawling is driving in the dangerously harsh terrains such as rock piles, mountain foothills, and rocky trails. The vehicles used in rock crawling are not normal off-road vehicles rather these are highly modified and drivers need to be highly proficient and skilled too. Mostly special models of jeeps, trucks, and buggies are used as rock crawlers. If you are experienced enough, then you can check rock crawling out this summer.

Sand rails

Another lightweight off-road vehicle, the sand rail is somewhat similar to dune buggy but is specifically designed to only drive on the pure sand dunes. The body design of this vehicle is different than other vehicles used on such terrains. Other four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles are heavier than sand rails and cannot safely drive unimaginably steep sand dunes, rather got stuck in the sand. While the sand rails are incredibly lightweight in comparison, and special front tires, either farm implement or flotation smooth, and the rear ones are specific paddle tires that allow the vehicle to swim over the sandy surface without digging in or getting stuck.

Unlike dune buggy or sand cars, sand rails are lightweight, rarely have any wide openings (like windows or doors), have their engine on the rear end, and the designing of the full body frame favors the distribution of weight, thus helping in inclined hill climbing, and making tight turns while facing the serious sand dunes.