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Men have undershirts that go under suit shirts, button-downs, and even athletic jerseys, but women have something better. Women have camisoles. These soft and comfortable tops are a go-to clothing choice for females around the world.

After considering the diverse ways and options for wearing these nifty tops, it is easy to see why. Camisole can be worn for so many occasions and in so many different ways. They are even becoming a stylish top to wear with only a jacket or alone during the summer. Let us tell you more about why camisoles are so in these days.

What Are Camisoles?

Camisole by Bfree

Some readers may not be familiar with camisoles. Camisoles come in a variety of shapes and styles; therefore, it can be a bit tricky to pinpoint the exact definition of a camisole. However, some features can be attributed to all camisoles, and that is where we will begin.

In general, camisoles are sleeveless tops for women. The lack of sleeves is very purposeful and done to hide camisoles under other articles of clothing. Many camisoles are loose fitting, but as they are generally considered an undergarment, some fit close to the body, similar to a tank top, to keep a smooth and streamlined figure under other clothing.

Most of the time camisoles come with thin, spaghetti straps to help them fit properly. However, some camisoles come strapless. As well, camisoles can be worn with or without a bra. In rare instances, a camisole will have a built in bra to keep things comfortable.

Camisoles come in a variety of colours, however white and nude-coloured camisoles are particularly popular. This is because both of these colours (or absence of colour, in the case of white) are easily worn under a variety of tops, including those that are slightly or entirely see-through. However, sometimes women want all or part of a camisole to show.

It is not uncommon for a camisole to be worn under a suit jacket, sweater, or with other tops that allow some of the camisole to peek through. Often, camisoles made for this purpose have decorative beading, lace, or other interesting details around the neckline. This adds an element of formality to these otherwise simple articles of clothing.

Finally, camisoles are made of multiple different materials. The most common are satin, silk, nylon, lycra, spandex or cotton. Obviously, the choice of fabric depends on what clothes you intend to wear over the camisole, but all of these fabrics tend to be forgiving and soft.

Why Are Camisoles Popular?

Nude Camisoles

Camisoles are extremely versatile, which makes them a great addition to your wardrobe. Not only can camisoles be worn for some occasions, but they are also great as an undershirt or layer of colour under a shirt or sweater. This flexibility and multiple uses make camisoles incredibly popular among women.

As well, most camisoles are inexpensive. Women can buy camisoles for every occasion, and still not burn through their credit cards. The cost-effective price encourages women (and men shopping for women) to buy more than one camisole at a time or justify the purchase of a new one when an old one is not quite worn out. Of course, there are some expensive camisoles out there. Camisoles made of silk or other premium materials will cost more, but also last longer.

When to Wear Camisoles?

The best part about camisoles is how many ways and places you can wear them. For starters, camisoles are great sleepwear. In fact, this is why camisoles first gained popularity. That last thing you want at night is to wear something that is itchy, rough, or otherwise uncomfortable. Many camisoles are soft and comfy, plus, because they don’t have sleeves camisoles are great for sleeping during the summer.

Camisoles are also commonly worn as undergarments. They are popular under suits, sheer shirts, and sweaters for the workday, and other business dress events, such as church, interviews, or meetings. Although, it is not uncommon for women to wear camisoles to events on the weekend, on a date, or even as part of an outfit for the holidays.

It is even becoming more and more common for women to throw on a camisole with shorts or a skirt during hot, summer months. This new, more revealing way, to wear camisoles is driving their popularity to new heights. Therefore, if you haven’t given camisoles a try, it is about time to make the minor investment in a beautiful new undergarment or piece of sleepwear.